Bring it Home® Chicago

In July the historic Brookfield Zoo located west of downtown Chicago finally reopened its various outdoor exhibits. However, keep in mind that at this time, all of the indoor buildings are closed to operate securely and safely because of COVID-19.  

Brookfield Zoo is an enormous zoo and spreads out more than 216 acres and houses thousands of animals, such as dolphins, camels, giraffes, wolves, baboons, tigers, and green sea turtles. The creative indoor and amazing outdoor settings, filled with various activities to keep children interested, are what really set Brookfield apart from other zoos in the city.

The best thing is that now through November 1, all guests that visit Brookfield Zoo in Chicago can embark on a fun and exciting safari in order to see a temporary exhibit called Dinos Everywhere! Your kids will love the fact that this exhibit features over forty life-like and earth-shaking animatronic dinosaurs which have descended on the zoo.

As a visitor, you can create your own fun safari and search for all the amazing dinosaurs at the zoo. However, one dino that you cannot miss is the incredible Argentinosaurus. You will find him or her at the zoo’s west mall. Did you know that this fantastic guy (or girl) measures over 110 feet in length and is also almost three stories tall? Isn’t that amazing!  

Note that the Brookfield Zoo will be open daily for the rest of the year. Although some features and areas are currently closed, such as indoor animal exhibits, rides, play areas, and other places where social distancing is almost impossible, there are many other points of interest for you and your kids. Also, reservations, assigning you a particular entry time are also required. You have to wear your mask on entry and anyplace where social distancing isn’t possible.

Zoogoers will also be able to search for more than 40 amazing life-like animatronics. You will find them throughout the park. And one of the best things about this exhibit is that it allows zoogoers to put all of their dinosaur knowledge to the test!

As a zoo visitor, you will also get the opportunity to see various exciting animals in their natural outdoor habitats. These animals include Titus and Brutus, the four-year-old African lions that just joined the Brookfield Zoo family in early March.  

And that is not all; Brookfield Zoo is also home to Mexican wolves, African wild dog puppies, polar bears, an Amur tiger, grey seals, Galapagos, and Sulcata tortoises, brown bears, kangaroos, and Sasha, a five-month-old Amur leopard cub that was born at this zoo.

You can answer various dino-related trivia questions and get an opportunity to win an exciting prize, which is great. Not to mention you will get plenty of opportunities to snap some selfies alongside some favorite prehistoric behemoths, such as the tyrannosaurus rex, pteranodon, stegosaurus, and even pentaceratops. And it is worth noting that Don Lessum, “Jurassic Park” advisor, created Dinos Everywhere, and it is on loan from The Wildlife Conservation Society and Dino Don, Inc.  

Here is how you can make the most of your time.

Purchase the Tickets Online

You should have advanced tickets for Brookfield Zoo in order to limit capacity as well as make everybody’s zoo experience as fun and positive as possible. Also, it is important that you purchase them on a computer rather than your smartphone so that you can easily see all of the time slots available for a given month or week, not only the day. Also, you should come at the allotted time; however, do not worry about it if you’re a little late.

Discuss what is and is not Open in Advance

If your kids are dino-lovers, you will know that is the main thing they would like to see. However, if your children love watching the dolphins underground or the zoo’s playgrounds, you have to certainly prepare them to see some of their favorite places closed. However, there is still a lot of fun to be had. For example, your kids will get the chance to feed giraffes and more than forty life-like animatronic dinosaurs throughout the Dinos Everywhere exhibit, which is thrilling.

Practice Social Distancing before Visiting the Zoo 

You probably know that masks can be a little tricky for children, especially on hot days. This is why practice wearing masks at home to prepare your kids for this exhibit.

Keep these things in mind before going to the exhibit:

  • You will require timed entry reservations for parking and admission
  • You have to use a mask when you are within six feet of other visitors
  • Currently, all indoor spaces, such as play areas, are closed
  • You will find gift shops outside while indoor shops are closed
  • You have to pay with your credit card. Cash is not accepted
  • You will find several hand sanitizer stations at the zoo